Sagittarius horoscope february 14 birthday

Given to some worry, this does help you to meet your responsibilities and commitments, but keeping a fresh perspective is something you need to work on in order to avoid pessimism or nervousness. This is an excellent year for teaching, guiding, and promoting. You may be turned to for advice more frequently, and you are very willing to offer your help.

This is a strong year for publicity and any other endeavors that involve spreading the word. You have Uranus transiting in harmony to your Sun this year, and exciting changes and new interests characterize the period ahead. You are more willing to adapt to new circumstances, ideas, and unfamiliar situations this year. You are able to find creative solutions to problems now. Flexibility is the key to success under this influence. Your personality is sparkling this year, which is sure to attract new circumstances and people into your life. Another strong influence that enters the picture this year is also beneficial in a different way.

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You receive practical support from a harmonious Saturn transit to your Sun. You are practical in your choices for the most part , keeping your feet on the ground and paying attention to, and honoring, tradition as well as tried-and-true methods.

You have the power of practicality, realism, and caution on your side during this period. Work you have done in the past begins to pay off — not necessarily in dramatic ways, but in small, measurable ways. You may be recognized or rewarded in some way for the efforts you put forth. This is a year in which you put your life in order in some significant manner. Improved concentration, a more realistic outlook, and a practical awareness of the limits of time all help you to make steady progress, particularly in your career.

Your concern for your future this year is stronger than usual, and you may find that projects you start, or investments you make, this year will benefit you for years to come. This can be a time of breakthroughs and new structures in your life. There is an opportunity to combine stability and improvement or excitement with good results. The same can be said of innovation and tradition. Mental pursuits, new learning, and all forms of intellectual activity are especially favored. There can be animated discussions, debates, lectures, and travel in high focus.

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You are quick to take the initiative and to put your thoughts into action. You may enjoy increased activity with younger people or friends.

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Once you get going on an area of study or project, you bring great energy to your endeavor. Personal magnetism is tremendous this year. You are playfully competitive and might win a major competition, if applicable. This is a good period for creative projects and joining with others in pursuing a common goal. This is a powerful year for learning, teaching, and studies. You can be in high demand. You enjoy making long-term plans and learning about a variety of subjects.

Studies, publishing, and travel are favored. Always receptive to new ideas, you are absorbing a lot of information.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Increased popularity, in general, is likely and personal magnetism is high. You are more decisive than usual this year. Ruled by Saturn. This is a year of power and accomplishment. Actively seeking to expand, taking educated risks, and moving forward are highlighted. Instead of getting involved in something that benefits someone else, focus on figuring out how you can best keep moving forward. A slow but steady pace is your best objective.

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Do what you can for the underdog and show what you have to offer to those in a position of power. Navigate your way to success and you will outmaneuver any competition you meet along the way. Refuse to let someone else take care of your affairs. Birthday Baby: You are outspoken, engaging and innovative. You are helpful and respected.

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