March 16 horoscope sign

On Saturday morning, Mercury also teams up with Pluto, which can help us with addressing relationship challenges and taking the steps necessary to correct them. With the Cancer Moon teaming up with the Sun in Pisces by Saturday afternoon, we can also be confident in making decisions from the heart; exercising tenderness and compassion, even if it means extending compassion to ourselves first. By late Saturday evening, the Moon moves into romantic and fun-loving Leo, which could make for a fun date night or night on the town.

Though with the Leo Moon squaring off with unconventional Uranus in Taurus about an hour later, the same old haunts or the usual date night routine won't cut it. We'll need to be open to trying something new. As we head into Sunday the Leo Moon teams up with wounded Chiron in Aries, which could provide the opportunity for us to heal our wounds around self-confidence or following our heart Yes, it's possible to love again. By late Sunday night, Mercury in Pisces teams up with Mars in Taurus, which could spice up those late night texts and conversations with bae or a potential bae.

Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign this weekend, and make sure to check out your March monthly horoscope. When it comes to love, it's possible for you to get what you want if you're single and looking.

Sabian Symbol

Though, getting the love you want may require that you take a different approach to love, and be willing to leave the past behind you — where it belongs. It's time to reevaluate what's important. This weekend it's possible that you could make a love connection through a friend or while hanging out somewhere in your 'hood but being open to love may mean breaking away from outworn expectations about how love is supposed to go. Set yourself free. You and your partner may need to go over finances this weekend, especially if the two of you have been making plans for something big.

Meanwhile, when it comes to matters of the heart, know that you are deserving.

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You should be feeling good in your skin this weekend and with your confidence at a high, you shouldn't have too much trouble attracting potential mates and dates. At the same time, you may need to reevaluate some of your beliefs around love. Be open to a new outlook. You could be obsessing over someone or a romance related problem this weekend, but know that you can reclaim your power by tapping into your intuition and making the decision to let go of the old story that you've been telling yourself about love and intimacy. Break free. Being out and about is where you'll want to be during the first half of the weekend as being fun and flirty could help you with attracting the romantic vibes you're looking for.

By the second half of the weekend, you're feeling more introspective. It's time to change your attitude around love. If you have a partner, you and your love may need to have a conversation around the art of compromise as one of you could be feeling like they're putting in more work than they other. Your closeness with your partner would increase during this week. Your health would be average this week. There are chances of issues related to your health. Employees may find this week in the favour and may find many opportunities to shine out.

During the second half of this week, you would not be able to maintain peace with your seniors and still may face some issues.

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If you want to expand your business, you would be able to do so during this time. You may be able to balance your income inflows and outflows during this week. It would help if you avoided making unnecessary expenses. You married life would be amazing during this week. You may be able to communicate your feelings well during this period and may try to understand your partner. During this week, it's advisable for you to control your speech in order to avoid hurting someone. You are likely to get financial benefits during this time, but there are chances of some issues in your regular income that may create financial issues for you.

If your money has been stuck somewhere, you may get it back during this time. You may be able to revive your old relationship during this time. This week may start a new chapter of love in your life. People wanting to get married would get some positive news. There are chances of some issues in your health. Thus, it is advisable for you to avoid oily and spicy food this week. The probability of your old diseases attacking you again is high. Employees may get support from their boss during this time.

Matters related to the government may get resolved in your favour. You would feel anxious about matters that are related to your children. If you avoid unnecessary arguments, you would be able to enjoy your married life greatly. This week may prove positive for you. For your love and relationship, this week may favour you highly. You and your partner may try to understand each other.

You may fall in love with someone from your workplace this week. For your health, this week may prove positive for you. There are chances of anxiety after the midweek, and as a result, you may feel depressed as well.

March 16 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

For your career, this week may prove amazing. Your salary may increase during this time. There are chances of a promotion as well. If you are associated with business related to crops, you are likely to benefit. You may incur expenses on your family members.

March 15 Birthday Horoscope

If you want to buy a house, you are likely to get success in that. For your family-related matters, this week may prove great. Students in schools may take part in competitions related to music, poetry, elocution, or dance during this week. If you are in high school and want to choose the medical field, this week may prove amazing for you. This week may prove a little average for your life. You would require taking additional care of your finance related matters during this period.

Your expenses may increase in comparison with your income.

March 16 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

There are chances of some issues in your property related matters as well. You would require being cautious of your health, as there are chances of some issues related to the stomach. For family-related matters, this week may provide you with mixed results. You may get amazing support from your life partner. There are chances of success in your love and relationship.

Your respect for your life partner would increase during this time. So will intimacy between you and your life partner. Students would require working hard in order to achieve success. Students wanting to go for higher education to foreign nations would require giving their all time and efforts during this week. For your career and business, this week may favour you. Overall, this week would be full of ups and downs for your life. For your love and relationship, the initial days of this week may prove positive for you.

You may witness great closeness in your relationship with your partner, while the last three days of this week may prove complicated for you. For your health, the first three days of this week may prove positive. You may be able to work with full enthusiasm and may progress during this period. There are chances of some issues related to your eyes, throat, kidney, and nervous system during this period.

For employees, only the first day of this week may prove positive. You may get opportunities for a new job during this time. After that, there are chances of some differences and arguments between you and your co-workers or boss. For your business, the first day of this week may provide you with substantial financial benefits, whereas the next two days may not give you favourable results. The rest of the days of this week may prove average for your business. During the first half of this week, you are likely to get your money back if you have given anyone on credit.

The second half of this week may not prove great for finance related matters. For wealth and property, this week may fall in your favour. Students may have to be working hard in order to get expected results. This week may provide you with great results for your love and relationship.

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